About Verb Form Quiz

The Verb Form Quiz - originally called "Japanese Tutor" - has been around in various forms for some time. Originally started as a stand along C program, work was continued as a Java program. While neither of these programs were successful, it did result in the defining of what the quiz should look and the preparation of much of the text, graphics and sound. During this period work was done by a number of individuals.

Tal Liron (Programming) Bo Zheng (Programming) Kara Schwartz (Programming)
Roumen Kalabachev (Porgramming) Matthew Mattingly (Design and Consultation) Kozue Miyama (Examples)
Markio Yamamua (Examples and Voice) Chisaato Murakami (Voice) Joseph Hynes (Text Editing)
Sakura Hiraiwa (Testing) Students of Amherst College (Testing)  

In 2002 the program was rewritten by Paul Chapin using Authorware. This version was used for several years.

In 2007 the program was again rewritten (version 3) by Paul Chapin as a web application using Javascript and php.

The development of this software was supported by the Culpepper Foundation and a Faculty Research Grant from Amherst College.

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